Report 1 - We talk to NDSF manager Renee Korslein on what the last year plus has been like getting through the flood and getting the fair back to where it needs to be. We discuss several trials and tribulations.

Report 2 - We again talk to NDSF manager Renee Korlsein. In this report we talk about exhibitors and numbers. We also discuss some new venues for camping and parking. Renee also discusses a new bus schedule this year.

Report 3 - We talk to marketing director Jennifer Ashley. She discusses her new role in this position and how the entertainment came together this past year. We also talk about getting Kid Rock back on this years' schedule along with other mainstage talent.

Report 4 - We discuss free stage entertainment at the fair with this report with Jennifer Ashley. We also discuss other venues that are included with your gate admission.

Report 5 - In this report we discuss the Fleishmann's competition as they celebrate 200th anniversary of the sandwich. We talk to an organizer about what makes the best sandwich.

Report 6 - The cockadoodle Zoo is a new free
stage at this years NDSF, and in our report, you'll hear how kids can milk a cow along with what else is available on their petting farm.

Report 7 - This report is at the fur trader rendezvous. We talk to an authentic paddle maker who's been at the stand in all of it's 20 years. He tells us about the history and brings us up to speed today.

Report 8 - This report focuses on free stage musical talent at the fair. We talk to a "Divas Through the Decades" representative about their show on women who have made females in the industry famous and also a band from Arkansas discusses their venue.

Report 9 - This report is with the swamp master alligator show. We talk to the host of the show who tells us about it's educational value and other nuances about gators.

Report 10 - We talk to one of the non-profit food stands at the fair about coming back after the flood. We find out what that lost revenue meant to that organization from last year's cancellation and how their proceeds are distributed within the organization.

Report 11 - We talk to the director of the NDSG&F about their grounds at the fair and his impressions of their rebuild after the flood and their expansion. We also talk to a youngster of their impressions of the exhibit.

Report 12 - Pride of Dakota day was early this week. We talk to a couple of Pride of Dakota businesses about what the organization and the fair do for their business.

Report 13 - In this report we talk to a representative from Machinery Row about the high demand of equipment.

Report 14 - In this report we talk German dessert at the kuchen competition at the NDSF. We talk to both a judge and a competitor about what makes the best kuchen.

Report 15 - We talk to a youngsters in the FFA at the NDSF, he's from Turtle Lake and in his first year with the FFA. We also talk to his mother about the work and time involved.

Report 16 - We talk to two teens in the state fair horse show. We discuss how long they've been working with horses and how they first got interested.

Report 17 - We talk to a Berthold teen in FFA. The high school junior has been in the FFA since seventh grade and he talks about the challenges and opportunities with the FFA.

Report 18 - We talk to two of the performers from the motorcycle stunt show at the fair. These two guys talk about their experience, competing on motorycles, and how they came up with the show idea.

Report 19 - In this report, we talk to a few vendors and others regarding the bounce back from the flood. We see how they fared without last years income from the NDSF and how things are going this year.

Report 20 - We put a wrap on our series with this report as we talk to marketing director Jennifer Ashley in regard to a great week of weather, solid concerts, and perhaps a record breaking attendance number.